Running any business you will eventually have to deal with the grey area of ‘Marketing’. Every successful business  – small or large – needs to market the company’s products and services. You can have the best products and services in the world but if you do not market them, your competitors will generate more sales. Have you ever found yourself pondering, “How come I lost that contract? Our product is superior and better value for money?” The classic case is in the video market: Betamax were in competition with VHS, we remember Betamax fondly, it is universally recognised that they were of higher quality than VHS but VHS were soon in every household because Betamax didn’t market their product.

In this blog we plan to take you through five simple steps; these steps must be done for every marketing product – from a simple leaflet, to the most complicated website.

STEP 1 – Plan it out.

This step can be carried out in several ways; brainstorming, concepts, ideas, every conceivable thought related to the project, it gets put on down on paper. It is good to sit down with a few colleagues, a blank sheet of paper and write down everyone’s ideas. This is sometimes referred to as ‘on the back of an envelope’ planning. For example we’ll look at promoting a new charity ‘Cards for African Relief and Development , “C. A. R. D.”;


C.A.R.D. Charitable organisation:
Banner Stands
Further PR / Marketing

Even if we were just doing a simple A5 leaflet, still do a mind map. Do not dismiss any idea and include everyone, the more of your colleagues that get involved, the more likely that they will support the project and will ultimately help sell the product or service as well as have a clearer understanding of how your company works.

By clearly planning your project and objectives you will be in better control of the budget, no hidden costs, and more importantly can stick to your deadlines easier. As for deadlines, be realistic. We give a ballpark figure to a client at the earliest possible stage; many small costs add up, commercial costs for good quality design, artwork, production, print and delivery. For example it’s almost impossible to give a cost for a website without a detailed brief and then a client often would like changes and additional work.

TIP: Get a copy of all the marketing material you have produced for your company over the last 6 months lay on a table, business cards, leaflets, newsletters, e-newsletters, advertising, brochures, advertising, banners, posters, banner stands, review your activity and ask yourself; does it a have a consistent message? Is it good quality? Does it reflect the standards of your company? Are you proud of every single item? You’re only as good as the weakest item on show! Is there enough variety to promote your company? What did it cost and what was your return? Continually ask yourself this, that is how you ensure you are taking your company or your project in the direction you want.

prom_items_blogIf you have any comments or questions please get in contact, your views and feedback are important. Log on next month to read about step two.

STEP 2 – Research
STEP 3 – Thumbnail Sketches
STEP 4 – Mac Visuals (What is this?)
STEP 5 – Finished Design and Artwork


Treat Yourself… Naughty but nice!

How do you keep your business ahead of the competition? Your business rivals will be coming up with ideas to get more sales, day in and day out, and more often than not they’ll have larger sales teams and more resources. Why not treat your business to an image makeover. The most successful companies regularly tweak their brand – a strong brand will help you standout from the crowd. It will help your new and existing customers recognise your company. You will be surprised at the house hold names that have continually ‘tweaked’ their brand over the years and you’ve not even noticed. Here are just a few…


The last two teams, and in the end there were very few surprises, apart from the Brazil score of course! Who would have guested 7-1 to Germany? I think a lot of us had Germany as favourites with Brazil missing their goal scoring talisman Neymar and captain Thiago Silva but 7-1! We have witnessed one of the most famous world cup results in history, this will be talked about for decades to come.

greetingsfrom brazil

The final – Germany (Colette @ CO2) are clear favourites against a workman like Argentina (Signo Lighting). Can German be the first European team to win the world cup in South America or will Messi come to life and inspire his Argentinian team mates to a famous victory on the soil of their arch-rivals Brazil.

Who will you be supporting!

And what a semi-finals they were. The nail biting 0 – 0 draw between the Netherlands (MacRoberts LLP) and Argentina (Signo Lighting) lead to penalties, where the Dutch team, faltered and finally fell, crushed beneath the weight of the South American team.

In the other match, Germany (Colette @ CO2) annihilated the host nation’s dreams 7 – 1 and Brazil (Nether Johnstone House) were soundly catapulted from their own World cup, forced to watch in despair as their arch-rivals Argentina go on to tussle with the German juggernaut in the finals…

Support your team!

We have whittled down the teams and now we are left with 8. It is now the quarter finals and it’s getting close.

Tomorrow, the first of the quarter finals take place, as France (Ross Liddell) take on the mighty Germany (Colette @CO2) and home nation Brazil (Nether Johnstone House) clash with Colombia (Anatomical Concepts (UK) Limited), who are both on good form.

The following day, Argentina (Signo Lighting) – with an on form Messi no less – take on the chocolatiers (Belgium, Flowtech Enviro Ltd) and the Dutch (MacRoberts LLP) take on the Costa Rica (Stuart @CO2) that destroyed Suarez’s Uruguay (Paul @CO2). Whipping boys no more.

Who will win? (My money is on Germany, Brazil, Belgium and The Netherlands… Could be wrong mind you)

Support your team!

The reigning champions of World Football have made their job particularly hard by losing 5:1 to the Netherlands (15), now, as it stands they must beat a higher ranked Chile (14) to survive. With the huge goal difference of the first game looming over the Spanish side; a draw is useless as Chile and Spain (presuming they beat Australia) would finish with four points a piece, even if Chile lose to the Netherlands in their next game, Chile would have the better goal difference.

Spain must win.

Support your team!

The World Cup has kicked off in a surprising fashion! Top Seeds Spain (Mountcity Investments) lose emphatically to the Netherlands (MacRoberts LLP) in a crushing 5:1 defeat and Uruguay (Paul @ CO2) are overwhelmed by the underdogs of the tournament Costa Rica (Stuart), 3:1. 

Elsewhere, Brazil (Nether Johnstone House) win the opening match against Croatia, however doubts remain over the strength of the home side although the score line was 3:1, the victory was less than convincing. Mexico (Just: Gluten Free Bakery) beat Cameroon (Red Rock Automation Ltd.) 1:0 in a close run match. Chile (Pars Foods) beat Australia (Saltire Properties Ltd.) with a hard fought 3:1, Colombia (Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd.) destroy Greece 3:0.

Today, Ivory Coast (Garry @ CO2) beat Japan (McGhee’s Bakery) 2:1, in a closer than expected match, the Japanese leading up until the 64th minute before Ivory Coast scored two in quick succession. In another surprise upset, Switzerland (Elderslie Golf Club) beat Ecuador (Clyde College) 2:1 with a last minute winner from Haris Seferović.

England (Abby Cleaning) lost to Italy (W Munro (Re-Hab) Ltd.) 2:1, the winner scored by Mario Ballotelli in the 50th minute, shame eh?

And sadly France (Ross Liddell), annihilated the glorious footballing nation of Honduras (Mine, *grumble*) 3:0. I sense a quick exit…

Next to come, Argentina (Signo Lighting) vs Bosnia and Herzegovina (Aimee), can Messi live up to the World Cup hype? Tonight at 11pm (GMT)


Jack “No Bias”, your commentator.

The World Cup is off to a fantastic start and the first big shock Spain 1 – 5 Holland. Spain are not out of it, they lost to Switzerland in the last world cup and still went on to lift the trophy. Not so good news for Mountcity Investments who have Spain in our sweepstake but excellent news for @MacRoberts who drew Holland.


Who’s pleased as punch to draw Uruguay in the sweepstake? A good outside bet ranked 7th in the world. Have you got a team follow us on and twitter @CO2design



Unfortunately there wasn’t enough teams for all of our clients, have you got a team? If you have contact us on Twitter or Facebook we’ll be expecting you to be backing your team i.e. Ecuador’s famous for chocolate post some pictures!

Australia (62) Saltire Property Services Ltd
Algeria (22) Sean @CO2
Argentina Signo Lighting
Belgium (11) Flowtech Enviro Ltd
Brazil (3) Nether Johnstone House
Bosnia and Herzegovina (21) Aimee @CO2
Cameroon (56) Red Rock Automation Ltd.
Chile (14) Pars Foods
Colombia (8) Anatomical Concepts (UK) Limited
Costa Rica (28) Stuart @CO2
Croatia (18) Tissue Solutions
Ecuador (26) Glasgow Clyde
England (10) Abby Cleaning
France (17) Ross Liddell
Germany (2) Colette @CO2
Ghana (37) Alison @CO2
Greece (12) Nothern Marine Manning Services Ltd
Honduras (33) Jack @CO2
Italy (9) W Munro (Re-Hab) Ltd
Iran (43) Carrington Dean
Ivory Coast (23) Garry @CO2
Japan (46) McGhee’s Bakery
Mexico (20) Just: Gluten Free Bakery
Netherlands (15) MacRoberts LLP
Nigeria (44) Graham + Sibbald
Portugal (4) Fergusons Bakery
Russia (19) Carrot Lighting (Signo Lighting)
South Korea (57) Sarah @CO2
Spain (1) Mountcity Investments
Switzerland Elderslie Golf Club
United States (13) Colin @CO2
Uruguay (7) Paul @CO2


New Client

Today we recieved a sign for our new client Ferguslie Bowling Club in Paisley

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